IRB Manual
      3.4 IRB Meetings

  3.4.1 Frequency
Meetings of the IRB shall, at a minimum, be held:


Approximately once a month, subject to cancellation or postponement when appropriate. (Cancellation must be documented in the previous or subsequent IRB minutes. IRBs need not meet if there is no business. However, when there are ongoing studies, meetings must be held at timely intervals to adequately monitor the studies);

(OMH: IRB meetings must be held at least quarterly if any protocols are ongoing.)


at the call of the Chair when the Chair judges the meeting to be necessary or advantageous;

at the call of the Chair upon receipt of a joint written request of three or more members; and

at the request of the facility director.

  3.4.2 Quorum

A majority of the membership of the IRB, which includes at least one non-scientific member, constitutes a quorum and is required in order to convene a meeting for the review of research protocols. Other business of the IRB may be conducted in the absence of a quorum. However, it is recommended that policy decisions of the IRB reached in the absence of a quorum should be ratified by the membership before being formally adopted.

A quorum requires that an IRB member whose concerns are primarily in nonscientific areas must be present at a convened meeting when research proposals are reviewed.

While it is not an absolute requirement that a quorum include the non-affiliated member(s), every effort should be made to encourage the non-affiliated member(s) to attend meetings. If necessary, alternate or additional non-affiliated members should be appointed.


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