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8.4    Access to the CITI Program
  8.4.1 Frequently Asked Questions

Training in Human Subject Protections

Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene
New York State Department of Mental Hygiene


RFMH policy for RFMH/NYS DMH regarding training in human subject protections for all researchers, key personnel, IRB members, IRB staff and institutional officials involved in human subject research can be found by clicking this link.
The training requires those involved in such research to take a computer-based instruction program known as the Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI). CITI is a well-respected and widely used web-based training program that was designed by and is updated and maintained by a number of nationally known IRB professionals. The Program is housed at the University of Miami. The CITI Program is currently in use at hundreds of institutions and organizations, including many academic medical centers in New York. The CITI Program is designed around topic-specific modules, each followed by a short quiz. You will be able to complete the training requirement at your own pace using work or home computers.



Who must take the CITI Training Program?

As indicated in the RFMH policy, all researchers and key personnel who interact with human subjects or work with identifiable human subject data must participate in the Program. IRB members, IRB administrative staff, facility directors and other institution officials are also required to complete specified training.
The requirements for each group are noted in the Procedures for Accessing CITI Training


When does CITI start and how long do I have to complete the training?

CITI training requirements for RFMH/NYS DMH became effective June 12, 2006.   Continuing education (Refresher) is required every three years.


How do I access CITI?  

To access CITI and obtain your user ID and password, click here.


How does CITI work?

Each time you log in, CITI’s grade book will keep track of the modules you have completed. The modules may be completed in multiple sessions. CITI will also keep track of where you are each time you log out. You are allowed to go back to the quiz if a response is incorrect and re-take the quiz. The course will also tell you the correct answer and explain why. The required modules must be done in the listed order but the optional modules can be completed in any order.
After completing all the modules for your learner group, CITI will provide you with a certificate of completion for a score of 90% or better. Notification will be sent to Lynne Wechsler at RFMH. The report will also be forwarded to your IRB, if applicable.



How long will it take me to complete the training?

Completion of the required modules in the Basic course takes up to a total of 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 hours for most participants. The Refresher courses take up to 1 ½ - 2 hours to complete. You do not have to complete the training in one single session. The CITI program allows you to log off at any time and will keep a record of your training.


What if I forget my CITI user name or password?

Log onto the CITI web site, and follow the prompts at Help and Support:  I forgot my user ID and password. The system will send your user name and password to your e-mail address.


How do I document that I have completed the CITI Training Program?

When you have completed the training requirements, CITI allows you to print out a certificate of completion. Please retain a copy for your records. Your program administrator will be notified by e-mail.


How do I affiliate with another institution (share CITI records)?

  1. Log in to CITI with your Username and Password.  This will take you to the Main Menu.
  2. Click on ‘Click here to affiliate with another institution’.
  3.  Select Your Organization Affiliation:  type in the name of the institution you want to add.  Click ‘next’.
  4. On the next screen, complete all required fields.  Click ‘next’.
  5. On the next screen:
  6. -          go to Question 1.  If you an enrolling for the first time, choose the applicable group.  If you have already completed the Basic Course, click on ‘I have already completed the basic course’ and go to Question 2.
    -           Question 2: if you are enrolling in a Refresher Course, choose the applicable group.  If you are up to date with your training and do not need a Refresher Course at this time, skip the question.
    -           Question 3: respond only if you are interested in the Lab Animal course or skip the question.
    -           Question 4:  respond ‘yes’ only if you want to take Good Clinical Practice course.  Otherwise click ‘no’.
    (This course in not required but you may enroll if you are interested).

    -           Click ‘Submit’.
  7.  Your request should be complete.



If you have any additional questions about CITI, please contact Lynne Wechsler at: or call (518) 474-5661.




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